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Cholecalciferol: A Different Rodenticide Toxicity

CAUTION! This is one of the most dangerous mouse and rat poisons on the market. Cholecalciferol, or activated vitamin D3, causes a life-threateningly high calcium and phosphorus level in the body, resulting in severe, acute kidney failure, cardiovascular abnormalities, and tissue mineralization. This can progress to life-threatening disease. Even though this is a vitamin, it […]


Pet Seizures

What does a seizure look like? Seizures can range in appearance from ‘focal’ which include signs such as facial twitching to ‘generalized’ which often involve severe muscle contractions and loss of consciousness. During this time they may salivate, vocalize, urinate, and/or defecate. After a seizure occurs the pet may seem disoriented, blind, and/or anxious. What […]

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Heat Stroke- keep your pets cool in the heat!

When the weather gets hot, our pets may have trouble adjusting to the rising temperature and need special treatment.  Heat stroke occurs when an animal’s body temperature rises above normal, which causes damage to blood proteins and internal organs and death can occur.  Even when the weather doesn’t seem too warm for the average person, […]


Snakebite 101

There is an abundance of advice on the internet describing a variety of first aid techniques to employ if your pet is bitten by a snake. Some include cutting over the bite site and sucking out the venom, using a snakebite kit, applying a tourniquet, applying ice packs, and administering antihistamines and antibiotics. NONE of […]

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